IDPwD 2023

Every year, we celebrate International Day of People with Disability to increase awareness and acceptance of people with disability. Of course, 2023 is no different.

And it just so happens that this year’s theme; ‘United in action to rescue and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for, with, and by persons with disabilities,’ strongly connects with our community.

After all, the eQuality Support community is not just recognising this theme; we’re living it.

Read on to see how our community is recycling cans to make a sustainable difference.

Joel’s can-do attitude

With the environment and hip pocket in mind, Joel has been collecting cans to recycle through the Victorian Government’s Container Deposit Scheme.

Since April, Joel has gathered more than 1000 cans. With each can returning a 10-cent refund, Joel has earned himself more than $100 from his recycled cans.

Joel said he was inspired to “do the right thing” by donating the cans.

“Instead of throwing them in the bin, the 10c refund I thought helped the hip pocket and environment,” Joel said.

With his cans at the ready on the first day of the scheme, Joel was interviewed by WIN News and met Ms Julianna Addison MP.

Ms Julianna Addison MP (left) and Joel (right) after Joel had deposited his cans.

Feeling grateful, Joel thanked his support workers for helping him to collect and donate his cans.

“They help me by driving me to Bunnings to purchase bags, and to the collection depot to recycle my cans,” he said.

Wanting to do more for the environment (and wallet!), Joel plans to continue collecting cans to recycle.

“I currently have a big bag full already,” he said. “I hope it continues to help the environment and my hip pocket, and it’d be good for others to get onboard.”

Alistair and Barry’s cantastic efforts

Others in the eQuality Support community, Alistair and Barry, are making a sustainable difference of their own.

So far, Alistair has donated 100 cans and earned a nice $10 refund. Like Joel, he has plans to continue collecting and donating cans in future!

Barry is also getting on the can recycling trend. He enjoyed depositing cans at the recycling point at Corio Village last month.

Barry depositing his cans at the refund point.
Alistair next to a car full of cans - ready for donating!

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