Want guaranteed hours

AND paid holidays?

We’re on the hunt for superstar casual teammates to join us on a permanent basis!

Keep making a difference every day…
with extra benefits.

Guaranteed Hours

Enjoy peace of mind with job security, knowing you’ll have at least 50 hours of paid work each fortnight, guaranteed.

Paid Holiday & Sick Leave

Get paid to relax for 5 weeks each year, and take the time you need to rest with 10 paid sick days.

Your Preferred Roster

Work with us to design your ‘ideal work week’ so you can get the work/life balance you want, with first priority in shifts.

…PLUS, you’ll get to establish stronger relationships with the clients
you MOST enjoy spending time with!

It’s a true win/win… clients get the benefit of your regular, happy face (and unparalleled support) and YOU you get the security of knowing who you’re supporting on what day, and what each working week will look like so you get even more fulfillment in the work you do while still having the freedom to plan for life outside of work. 💜

(We get the work/life juggle!)

If you’re a casual Disability Support Worker who wants
more peace of mind, more job security, and way more job perks…

Come join us on a permanent basis!

We’re looking for up to 10 casual employees across Geelong and Ballarat who want consistent, guaranteed hours so they can enjoy predictable income, experience better work/life balance, and avoid the “Wednesday morning roster dread”.

You’ll get the same flexibility you enjoy as a casual (we’ll work with you to give you your preferred shifts as much as possible), PLUS you’ll get the stability of permanent hours and a paid break… on us!

Here’s what your colleagues have to say
about making the switch from Casual to Part-Time…


A permanent role with us means:

  1. You’ll have consistent roster shifts and hours each fortnight.
  2. We’ll work 1:1 with you to design your ‘ideal working week’, so you get as much say in your roster as possible and achieve genuine work/life balance, tailored to you.
  3. As a permanent employee, you’ll receive priority shifts, as well as job benefits such as paid annual leave and paid sick leave.

Because you’ll have greater job security (which isn’t guaranteed as a casual employee), you’ll also have more flexibility to pursue other activities outside of work, knowing you’ll have consistent income coming in.

To become a permanent part-time employee, you would be required to work a minimum of 50 hours per fortnight. (You can work more than this too if you want more guaranteed hours! 😊)

It depends on your preferences and needs (as well the shifts available), however you can expect to work 2 day shifts, 1 weekend, and 2 sleepovers per fortnight. This, of course, will vary as we work with you on a most preferred roster – however, it’s a good starting point for what we would like our permanents to cover 

It really depends. Ideally, we would love you to work at least 1 sleepover per fortnight (which has just increased from $89 to $110 in allowance), however we will consider alternative rosters for the right team members.

Ideally, we would like our permanent part-timers to commit to at least 1 weekend day per fortnight. If you have questions on this, or would like to work more weekends so you get paid more in penalty rates, please let us know. (As a part timer, you still get paid penalty rates for weekends, over time and public holidays.) 

As a casual employee, you get a 25% loading on your hourly rate, which covers inconsistent work hours with no payment when you take a day off or are sick. (This is why the hourly rate is generally higher for a casual – it assumes you will save a portion of your pay to put aside when you aren’t given enough hours or want to take a much needed break.)

As a permanent employee, instead of this loading, you build up (“accrue”) hours that can be used for annual leave and sick leave. This means, you will be paid for your time off, provided you have enough hours of accrued leave.

You’re also entitled to penalty rates and overtime, along with up to 5 weeks of annual leave/holidays per year and up to 10 days personal/carers leave per year. 

It really depends on how much you choose to work, however we have run some sums, and based on the shifts below, we have worked out that you would get approx. $8,095 to get paid time off during the year.

Rostered Shifts:

  • Monday Day Shift (8 hours)
  • Tuesday Day Shift (8 hours)
  • Thursday Sleepover (7.5 hours + $110 in sleepover allowance)
  • Saturday Shift (8 hour shift)

Total hours: 63 hours per fortnight

(Based on Level 4.1 rate with penalty rates.)

You might get even more than $8,095 depending on the shifts you do in your roster – eg. weekend and sleepovers.

Yes, you still get penalty rates for weekends, overtime, and public holidays!

You will still be paid your hours, as we will give you replacement shifts. If there’s no other shifts to fill, you will still be paid.

No dramas! If you have any more questions, please reach out to our Client Services Officers directly (either Shanaya and Jade in Geelong, or Donna and Kath in Ballarat) and we will happily help. Alternatively, simply click the “Apply” button below and we will contact you directly.

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