Our story...

About us

It all began with one word…equality. And the rest is history.

At eQuality Support, we’re passionate and committed to making sure that every individual has an equal opportunity to live the life they choose. We do this by providing quality individualised care and support services that achieve exceptional outcomes.

With person-centred active support at our forefront, it’s your own unique story that matters, and we work with you to achieve your goals, your way.

At eQuality Support, circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they only determine where you start. Every moment has potential.

Our Values

Act with integrity

Honesty, and our strong moral and ethical principles, provides the foundation for all our disability services.  We are committed to promoting mutually respectful relationships between our employees and clients, that are built on experience and trust.

Make a difference every day

Having a fulfilled life is all about being present in the moment. We build strong relationships with clients to help them overcome barriers, along with developing strength and courage to embrace and enjoy life. Our focus is on finding positive ways to make a difference every single day.

Treat everyone equally

Equality means that we treat everyone fairly and with respect. We understand that some groups and individuals require specific needs, and we are fully committed to support these individuals to live the life they choose.


Passion is at the heart of our company and inspires us in everything we do. It’s the difference our team brings to work every day.

100% independent

service provider

Person centred




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