Meet Alistair’s team

Following staffing and routine changes, Alistair’s team have been named as May’s team of the month.

The Geelong-based team of Jordan, Aka, Grant, Jason, and Shayne have been working hard together while Alistair went through some hard times.

When his day program was unexpectedly cancelled, the team worked together to bring Alistair back to a solid routine and regain his independence.

Jane, Client Services Manager, said the team of five have been “resilient and very optimistic”.

“They’ve really been sticking around for Alistair and picking up extra shifts to support each other,” she said.

“They’re sharing feedback and strategies with each other and the Client Services team to support Alistair. It’s really good to see.”

In a support worker-led initiative, Alistair has started putting his neighbour’s bins out every week and is collecting drink containers for recycling (to get some extra pocket money!).

Alistair’s mum, Margaret, shared some kind words for the team, describing them as dedicated, professional, and determined.

“I am so appreciative of the effort to support my son through his journey, and Alistair and I are privileged to have come to know such special, respectful people,” she said.

“Going the extra mile to make sure he is safe and cared for means I have unwavering gratitude for you all.”

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